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My dog ​​Oskar has a box full of stuffed animals in all sizes and colors. He even knows everyone by name. As soon as I tell him “bring Goofy”, he knows right away and brings me his stuffed animal. But why do dogs love stuffed animals so much?

What makes stuffed animals so attractive to dogs that they hug, nibble on, and even sleep with them? Some dogs gently carry their stuffed animals, while others have only one goal – the stuffed animal needs to be taken apart. But no matter what behavior your dog displays, we dog owners can agree that dogs really do love stuffed animals.

Reasons why dogs love stuffed animals

Why we can’t easily ask a dog why he likes stuffed animals so much, we can blame it solely on theories here. It is known, for example, that retrievers in particular like to carry things in their mouths.

The Labrador is actually a hunting dog for small animals. It was created to take the ducks to the hunter after the shot. Young animals, on the other hand, practice hunting in private by shaking stuffed animals.

For example, terriers have been known to enjoy chasing and chasing their toys, shaking them violently and then destroying them too. A dog who passionately and gently carries his stuffed animals from A to B can treat them as if they were his children.

Anyway, we can be sure that dogs love to walk around and collect things. It is also a great opportunity for our animals.

When it comes to cuddly toys, you should make sure they are safe for your dog. The material must not be able to cause gum injuries and must not hold small parts or elements that your dog could swallow or even choke on. You should also wash the stuffed animal from time to time.


It is completely normal for dogs to like soft toys, carry them or destroy one or the other. However, if your dog is behaving aggressively and you have some concerns, it would be wise to speak to a dog trainer or even a veterinarian about it.

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