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Top Animal Moments of 2021

It’s been quite a year, and it was almost impossible to narrow it down, but…

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Fan Cam Greats Vol 2! Let Nature calm the overactive mind.

The power of nature as healing is a central theme to explore. This nature meditation…

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Experience Life Inside a Lion Pride!

All these moments were captured from our Africam cameras https://explore.org/livecams/africam/tembe-elephant-park Music by Pablo Arellano http://pabloarellano.org​…

Wild lions mating on our live cams!

Wild lions mating on our live cams!

These lions we caught on our Africam streams https://explore.org/livecams/africam/tau Sources https://blog.londolozi.com/2015/11/18/video-lion-mating-behaviour-made-simple/ https://www.botswana.co.za/Botswana_Wildlife_Behaviour-travel/mating-rituals-courtship.html

Take In Nature's Beauty | Best of Explore's Live Nature Cams

Take In Nature’s Beauty | Best of Explore’s Live Nature Cams

All the moments were captured on our live cams in this week! Keep watching on explore.org and never miss a moment. Love Animals and Nature? Subscribe to this channel: https://goo.gl/nCZiaJ Welcome to EXPLORE.org, the largest Live Nature Camera network on…

Big Cats Are Just Big Goofs

Big Cats Are Just Big Goofs

Weather in a sanctuary or in the wild, our live cams have shown that big cats are really just as goofy as our beloved house cats These clips were taken from our live cams Big Cat Rescue: https://explore.org/livecams/big-cat-rescue/big-cat-rescue-tiger-lake MPALA: https://explore.org/livecams/mpala/african-watering-hole-animal-camera…