Soft Lake Waves & Birds Chirping for Relaxation – 4K Summer Lakes of the North (East Lapland)

Soft Lake Waves & Birds Chirping for Relaxation - 4K Summer Lakes of the North (East Lapland)

Listen to the beautiful melody of the soft lake waves and the flooding singing of forest birds and forget about worries! An incredibly soothing 4K living picture on your wall instead of a dull gray screen sets you up for positive energy and enjoyment. Our world is multifaceted and amazing. Nature is amazing, taking the form of high mountains, endless plains, raging oceans, and touching lakes. This 4K soundscape video presents you with the opportunity to enjoy exactly the latter. This relaxing summer video filled with peace and tranquility will take you to the east of Lapland, where Kir’yavalakhti Bay lies 6mi from the border between Finland and the Republic of Karelia. The North lake surface sparkles friendly from your 4K Ultra HD screens. The sounds of nature, pure and beautiful, surround you, and do not let stress take over your mind.

Kiryavalahti is the northernmost bay of Lake Ladoga. Its name in translation from Finnish means “variegated, sparkling.” This is due to a special optical effect – the bright glow of water in sunny weather. This is to blame for the granite rocks that surround the bay almost along the entire perimeter, which give glare as if illuminating the water. Kiryavalahti Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Karelia. A unique northern corner of nature, created by ancient volcanoes, as well as, in principle, almost all the lakes of this region. Hence the reason why Karelia is called the “Land of Lakes”. According to geologists, between Lake Ristijärvi and Kirjavalahti Bay, 2 billion years ago, there was a center of a volcano. The height of the mountain was 6560 feet. From the mouth of the volcano for 5 million years, lava poured out, and clouds of ash were thrown out. The width of the crater was 43.5 miles!

When we discussed this nature soundscape video with Ramil Yusupov and Alexey Romanov, author, and editor, they shared an interesting observation with us. Almost all the names of lakes, bays, cities, or settlements are in Finnish or its derivative. Nature and history, as it were, make us understand that all these – fjords, glacial lakes, granite rocks – originate in one. Nature does not tolerate separation and boundaries. She is united and beautiful in her independence and strength, which she is happy to share with us, people, even through a 4K ultra HD screen. And to show this was the main goal of creating this 4K naturel relaxation video.

Video from: Republic of #Karelia, East of Lapland
Video title: #Summer lakes of the North In The East Of Lapland
Time of filming: September 2021
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix GH5, Leica DG H-ES12060E 12-60 мм F 2,8-4
Video type: Nature soundscape video
Video resolution: #4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Ramil Yusupov
Supervising editor and colorist: Alexey Romanov

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