Only Three Weeks With Mom! Grey Seal Pupping | Live Chat

Each winter, adult gray seals come to shore on Seal Island, a national wildlife refuge off the coast of Maine. In the midst of falling snow and freezing temperatures, the seals give birth, nurse their pups, and mate. While island life isn’t necessarily easy at this time of year (it is winter on the Maine coast) gray seals find success in an unforgiving and changing environment. I’m joined by Dr. Stephanie Wood, a marine biologist and professor of seal biology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Stephanie studies gray and harbor seals off the coast of the Northeast U.S. and is an expert in their population dynamics. My other guest today is Caitin Fitzmaurice, a graduate student at the UMass Boston. Caitlin’s masters of science research uses still photography and webcams to study seal populations.

0:00 – Introduction
2:35 – Life on Seal Island
11:36 – Researching Gray Seals
23:44 – Consequences of Seal Recovery
31:00 – Viewer Questions

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