Debunking Bat Myths! | Live Chat

Bats are associated with a rich mythology and folklore. Unfortunately, people have maligned, feared, and persecuted bats for a long time, largely because we misunderstand their true nature. A second look at bats, especially with a bit of curiosity and empathy, reveals that bats certainly aren’t flying diseased rodents. In fact, they aren’t rodents at all. Bats are one of the most diverse groups of mammals, and they lead fascinating if misunderstood lifestyles.
To discuss the world of bats and bust some bat myths, I’m joined by Brian Pope, the director of the Lubee Bat Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to saving bats and their habitats through research, conservation, and education.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:24 – About Lubee Bat Conservancy
7:06 – Myth: Bats are Flying Mice
16:09 – Myth: Bats are Blind
24:30 – Myth: Bats Commonly Drink Blood
29:34 – Myth: Batas are Useless Creatures
33:56 – Myth: Bats are Commonly Rabid & Spread Covid
39:46 – Myth: Bats Don’t Deserve Our Care
49:43 – Meet Some Lubee Bats!
57:12 – Viewer Questoins

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