Best dog stroller for a chihuahua

Chihuahuas have a long body to carry a set of short, stubby legs. This genetic makeup can make longer walks and runs difficult or impossible for your Chi. This is especially true for older or arthritic dogs who have extra difficulty getting around.

A dog stroller quickly becomes an obvious answer to these problems, providing you and your Chi with more opportunities to spend quality time with each other, whether that’s taking a walk for some fresh air or running errands around town.

Whatever your reason for buying a pet stroller, it’s important that you know all the benefits and what to look for in a great stroller.

So what is the best dog stroller for a Chihuahua?

Why use a dog stroller with a Chihuahua?

Despite its growing popularity, many people turn their noses up at the pet stroller theory; however, when considering the many benefits associated with using one, a parrot stroller becomes a no-brainer, especially for a breed like the Chihuahua.

Dog strollers have been rising in popularity recently, and for good reason. They provide health benefits, convenience and are extremely easy to use. Below are some of the most common reasons people opt for a Chihuahua dog stroller.


Dog strollers are an incredibly valuable resource for keeping your Chi safe. One of the places where safety comes to mind is the veterinarian’s office.

The wide variety of dogs and other pets that come and go in and out of the office can make for an unhealthy environment for your Chi. Not to mention the inherent risk when your Chi, a smaller dog, inevitably ends up flanked by dogs several times its size.

Urban and high-traffic areas can also be a problem for your little Chihuahua. A stroller keeps your Chi off the floor and in your immediate sight at all times, giving you credit when you and your Chi are out and about.

Sidewalks can also become a risk for your Chi. Puppies are especially susceptible to diseases that can be found on shared sidewalks. Strollers allow you to carry your dog Chi without worrying about him catching an illness.

Sidewalks can also present problems for older dogs. Hot sidewalks can be hard on your paws, while salt on icy sidewalks can be extremely damaging to your Chi. Again, a stroller quickly becomes an obvious solution to these problems.

A cart can also protect your Chi from larger and/or more aggressive dogs. Giving your Chi that extra barrier of protection and lifting him off the floor will keep him safe and give him confidence when taking him out in public.


In addition to safety concerns, dog strollers are incredibly convenient. Although your Chi loves to play and spend time with you, their small bodies tire them out more quickly. your Chi simply might not be able to keep up with you while you’re out and about running errands.

More strenuous aerobic activities will quickly exasperate your Chi. Using a dog cart allows your Chi to exercise without you without interrupting your work.

Traditional pet carriers also have a real downside in terms of maneuverability. Airports and other public places can be difficult to navigate when transporting pets.

A roller cart facilitates situations like these and is easily folded and stored when not in use.

quality time

It’s simple that the best part of having a dog is spending quality time with him. A stroller lets you do just that, increasing your opportunities to take your Chi with you on the go.

Larger events can be especially difficult to sail with a traditional leash, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your Chi at home. Placing it in a stroller will allow your Chi to attend family gatherings, community events and more.

More and more restaurants and retail stores are becoming pet friendly. A responsible dog owner with a stroller will certainly be welcome in most establishments, meaning your Chi can accompany you shopping, running errands or other activities that take you out of the house.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Stroller for Chihuahuas

Since any result for pets, there is a wide variety of pet strollers available to consumers, and not all of them are top notch in quality or design.

While there are many great dog strollers available, all with different features to suit your preferences, there are a few things that all good strollers have in general.

  • Foldable: There’s no doubt you’ll want to take your Chi’s stroller along with you anywhere. So make sure any stroller you select for your Chi is collapsible. Twining your Chi stroller will allow it to easily fit in the trunk of your sege for use on the go, or slide nicely into the back of your closet when not in use.
  • Light: In addition to being collapsible, another factor to consider when buying a stroller for your Chi is weight. Heavy baby strollers are not only difficult to pull, but they can be almost impossible to get into and out of the sege easily. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the weight of the stroller before making a final decision.
  • Storage basket: Going beyond the primary function, a basket is an extra consideration that quickly becomes an urgency. Pulling your Chi’s cart keeps your hands busy and can make it difficult to quickly reach for your purse or backpack while you’re out and about. Not only does a storage basket make a great place to store your stuff, but it can also be used to store a rain bowl, treats, and one or two favorite toys for your dog.
  • Parasol: Many dogs are not built to handle high temperatures. Long hair and a distinct lack of sweat glands can make the heat not only uncomfortable, but potentially dangerous to your Chi. Make sure any stroller you select for your Chi includes a shade that can keep your Chi safe and relaxed on a hot summer day.
  • Lock wheels: You’re not likely to be able to keep both hands on your Chi cart at all times, especially if you’re taking your Chi to the park or the store. Rear locking wheels are an important safety feature as they prevent the Chi dog stroller from rolling into hazard.

These are just a few important considerations for selecting the Manifest Cart for use with your Chi. Always consult your Chi’s veterinarian for a professional opinion before using a new result with your Chi.

Best dog stroller for a chihuahua

Any stroller that meets most of the above specifications will have the potential to work great for you and your Chi. With all these things in place, what really matters is personal preference.

The following options can work a lot for use with your Chi.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Dog/Cat Stroller

This Pet Gear cart definitely checks all the boxes and then some. your Chi will ride in luxury in this quality stroller that comes equipped with some great features.

One of the key features of this stroller is the mesh shade that allows for zipper-free entry. your Chi can be fully encapsulated and protected from the sun, but with the quick release of a latch you can have the shade pulled back to get more sun without fumbling with a zipper.

Air Ride tires set this stroller apart from many others on the market. These wheels make long walks and runs over varied terrain smooth and comfortable for your Chi. Furthermore, they make pulling the cart easy and effortless.

The Pet Gear stroller also comes in a wide variety of sizes. Its smallest stroller supports dogs weighing up to 35 pounds, while the larger standard accommodates dogs up to 150 pounds.

This stroller also comes with a removable cover, making it simple and easy to clean and maintain your dog’s stroller.

The weight of the result depends on the cart size you select for your Chi. The smallest cart weighs 13 pounds, while the heaviest weighs 26.

In addition to Air Ride tires and a no-zip entry, this stroller also features a padded interior gusset and a raised foot pad. The padded pillow will keep your Chi comfortable, while the protruding base allows your dog a better view of the periphery.


  • Air Ride Tires
  • Zipperless entry
  • Variety of sizes and colors


VIVO four-wheel pet stroller

Vivo makes a wonderful pet stroller that should meet your needs and those of your Chis. This stroller is sure to make walks, errands, vet visits and more a stress-free breeze.

Vivo’s cart uses a large protective divider with a zippered screen to keep your Chi cool and safe. You can choose to keep the screen down or leave it up to let your Chi get some more fresh air.

This pet stroller will have no problem meeting your Chi’s needs. The weight capacity is 30 pounds, which means your little dog will never outgrow your stroller.

For your convenience, the top section of the stroller includes cup holders, an easy hole top and window. This will allow you to keep an eye on your Chi and, perhaps even more important, allow your Chi to keep an eye on you!

Twinning the stroller and taking it with you anywhere is no problem, and mesh windows around the stroller’s exterior allow your Chi to experience the great outdoors in style.

A four-wheel design has been used in this cart, promising ease of use and firmness. Also, the rear wheels lock, so stepping away from your Chi cart for a moment could result in your Chi rolling away.

The total weight of the item is about 15 pounds. You’ll have no problem traveling with this stroller when you’re on the go.

The biggest downside to this stroller is something you’ll find on any stroller in this price range: the wheels are made of plastic. This will significantly lessen the “sliding” feeling that comes with strollers that use air-filled wheels.


  • light weight
  • Supports up to 30 pounds
  • large storage


  • The wheels are plastic
  • Only comes in one size

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