Bald Eagle Restoration on the Channel Islands | Live Chat

Not long ago, the survival of bald eagles was in question, but through the work of dedicated conservationists and changing values in our society, these birds have the opportunity to thrive once again. Although bald eagles continue to face many hurdles imposed by people, and they remain rare in certain areas of North America, the recovery of this species is a true conservation success story.
Iā€™m excited to talk with one of the leaders in bald eagle conservation right now. To discuss bald eagles, particularly their ecology and conservation in the Channel Islands region off of the southern California coast, Iā€™m joined by Dr. Peter Sharpe, a research ecologist with the Institute for Wildlife Studies, a non-profit that gathers information to maintain biodiversity and viable populations of all species and enhance our understanding of the animals that we share the world. Dr. Sharpe has decades of experience working to restore bald eagles on the Channel Islands.

0:00 Introduction
2:12 Bald Eagle Decline & Disappearance
4:00 Bald Eagle Restoration
13:29 Reproductive Challenges a the West End Nest
19:03 The Future of Bald Eagles
25:42 Audience Questions

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