8HRS White Noise for Concentration & Relax – Falling Water Sounds – 4K Canadian Waterfalls in Winter

The healing power of nature sounds perfectly-known for ages. Enjoy 8 hours of gorgeous white noise from the stunning Canadian Falls and feel calm, relaxed, powerful and inspired. The winter decoration of Chase Creek Falls, a powerful stream of water drop from a height of 32 feet, will be an indispensable backdrop for sleeping, working, relaxation, and concentration. Mossy cliffs, snow patches, and coniferous thickets show the beauty and uniqueness of Canadian nature like nothing better. Turn on this amazing nature soundscape on your 4K Ultra HD screen and let it fill your space with freshness and natural energy.

Video from: Chase Creek Falls, BC, Canada
Video title: Canadian #Waterfalls in Winter
Time of filming: Winter of 2020
Equipment used: Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera
Video resolution: #4K UHD
Video type: Nature #soundscapes video
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Agnius Narkevičius
Editor and colorist: Matvii Chernyshov
Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov

Chase Falls is a small but quite attractive waterfall located not far from the recreation area along Highway 1, near the city of Chase, between Kamloops and Salmon Arm. The trail leading to the waterfall is considered fairly easy and is great for the whole family. Children will be delighted with the opening picture! And if you have a dog, take it with you! The Fuzzies will also find this walk interesting and will gladly run in the spray of the waterfall!

Our nature soundscape video has many useful properties. The pure white noise of the waterfall will help to erase negative thoughts, relax and tune in to a pleasant pastime. By using this natural soundtrack as a backdrop for yoga, stretching or massage, you will get great support and immerse yourself in the process. Also, the waterfall white noise and the calm colors of this 4K video will help to cope with nervousness and defeat insomnia.

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