8 HRS White Noise of Lake Sounds for Deep Relaxation & Good Sleep – 4K Quiet Mountain Lake – Ep. #1

8 HRS White Noise of Lake Sounds for Deep Relaxation & Good Sleep - 4K Quiet Mountain Lake - Ep. #1

Let this amazing nature soundscape video affect your perception and other processes in the body: calm, relieve stress, and even slow down the heartbeat! Imagine that you are on the shore of a beautiful quiet lake. This is Meta Lake, located next to the beautiful Mount St. Helens volcano, which gained its fame after the terrible eruption in 1980. Now it is incredibly beautiful and quiet here. The sound of water, recorded by our filmmaker on location, is relaxing and helps to combat the stress of today. Indeed, in our world today it is so easy to forget about yourself and plunge into haste, nervousness, and stress. Play this beautiful 4K nature relax video on your Ultra HD screen. High-quality footage and pure real nature sounds make it easy for you to imagine yourself here enjoying a summer day, the whisper of the lake, the sounds of nature, and the beauty around!

On the day of the shoot, our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak stopped here on the banks of Meta Lake to film a nature soundscape video. Oddly enough, there were practically no tourists on the shore at that moment, which made it possible not only to shoot a high-quality picture but also to record the real sound of lake water. This sound, played in the background, will easily turn into an analog of relaxing white noise, which is perfect for sleep, relaxation, or internal cleansing.

But let’s get back to the shooting location itself. Meta Lake, a small lake that was still covered with eight feet of snow at the time of the St. Helens eruption. This layer was a rescue for small rodents, lizards, and other underground inhabitants during that time. like hot lava, stones, ashes, and the remains of a glacier from the top of the mountain rushed around the area, erasing everything from the face of the earth. Having melted under the influence of high temperatures, the snow layer turned into lake water, making a small lake a magnificent full-flowing reservoir!

Video from: #MetaLake, Mt. St. Helens. USA
Video title: Quiet Mountain Lake Episode 1
Time of filming: #Summer 2018
Equipment used: Sony Alpha A6300
Video type: Nature soundscape video
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak
Editor and colorist: Daniel Lykhvenko
Supervising editor : Mykhailo Feshchak

Original sounds recorded by Pro Art Inc company.

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