8 HRS White Noise for Sleeping – Birds Songs & Sounds of Barsckoon Waterfall, Tian Shan

8 HRS White Noise for Sleeping - Birds Songs & Sounds of Barsckoon Waterfall, Tian Shan

Listen to the perfect white noise sounds of the waterfall while watching this nature soundscape video. This sound, mixed with the melodic birds singing, creates an amazing sound background that blocks negativity and allows thoughts to relax and become more fluid. Enjoy the amazing sounds of nature and the beauty of the Barskoon waterfall in 4K Ultra HD! The picturesque mount Barskoon waterfall is already available for your enjoyment in 4K Ultra HD. Just look how incredible nature is! The picturesque gorge in the mountains of Tian Shan is overgrown with bright green moss. A bizarre waterfall seems to splash out a huge mass of water to drop it from a height of almost 320 feet. Haze and the smallest drops of water circulation in the air above the gorge and almost always you can see a wonderful rainbow here.

Video from: the Kyrgyz Republic, Waterfall in Barskoon Gorge
Video title: #Barskoon #Waterfall – Tian Shan
Time of filming: May 2021
Equipment used: Z-CAM e2-m4, Leica 12-60
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Video type: Waterfall white noise video
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Alexey Romanov
Editor and colorist: Alexey Romanov

The Barskoon waterfall is located on the southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul, in the floodplain of the Barskoon River. This waterfall is the most popular and picturesque waterfall in the valley. At the entrance to the gorge, there are the ruins of an old fortress, which in ancient times guarded one of the segments of the Great Silk Road to China, which ran along the gorge. A dense mountain forest begins not far from this place. The famous Tien Shan spruces, sea buckthorn, currants, barberries, and even raspberries grow here.

The pure, monotonous sound of a waterfall is the perfect example of white noise, which helps you organize your thoughts, relax, and sleep better. Try the soundscape video as a nursery background and the waterfall melody will lull your little one to sleep with ease. Tranquility, peace, and bliss coming from this natural relaxation video will contribute to your excellent rest after a hard day, sound sleep, and a good mood after waking up.

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