8 HRS Summer Evening Pond Ambience – Gentle Birds Chirping & Insects Buzzing for Stress Relief

8 HRS Summer Evening Pond Ambience - Gentle Birds Chirping & Insects Buzzing for Stress Relief

Welcome to silence! This amazing nature soundscape video was created by our filmmaker Alexey Romanov during the shooting of the “Watching the silence” nature soundscape video to show the real beauty of nature and bring its relaxing enchanting atmosphere into your lives! Imagine a cozy summer evening. You are sitting by the pond enjoying the quiet splashing of water and the buzzing of insects. The mirror surface of the water reflects the blue skies and trees leaning over the pond. crickets sing their soft soothing songs to you. Each sound was recorded right on the spot. There is no place for anxiety and stress. The tranquility of this relaxing soundscape video penetrates your space directly from the screens, giving a piece of summer silence and comfort even in the cold season!

Video from: The Tatyanovskiy pond, Republic of Bashkortostan
Video title: #Evening By The Pond
Time of filming: Summer 2022
Equipment used: Z CAM e2 m4, SIGMA 150-600 mm, LEICA 12-60 mm, ZOOM H5
Video type: Nature #soundscape video
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Alexey Romanov
Editor and colorist: Alexey Romanov

The Tatyanovskiy pond depicted in this video is one of the largest reservoirs in this region. It is located near the city of Ishimbay, Republic of Bashkortostan. The beauty of this place is worthy of a thousand words! Just imagine how amazing it is to sit on the beach, watching the sunset over the water, surrounded by the amazing tranquility of nature. Feel this relaxing peaceful atmosphere with this amazing nature soundscape video.

Get rid of stress and get a feeling of completeness, warmth, and inspiration while watching this 4K soundscape video. Enjoy nature and its healing sounds while sitting on the bank of a virtual pond. Watch the silence, feel how the heart rate evens out under the influence of the sounds of nature, and relax while on the bank of the sunset pond on a quiet summer evening! use this video as a screensaver or background while you sleep and relax, enjoy a spa or massage accompanied by natural tones, and feel your mood and condition get better!

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