8 HRS Ocean Waves White Noise for Stress Relief & Deep Sleep – Relaxing at Keiki Ponds, Big Island

8 HRS Ocean Waves White Noise for Stress Relief & Deep Sleep - Relaxing at Keiki Ponds, Big Island

Welcome to the hidden haven of relaxation and recreation on the Big Island of Hawaii! The Kona Keiki Ponds spread out in front of you in 4K Ultra HD is a unique and very beautiful place right in the center of the island, but separated from the city noise. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tropical summer and the tranquility of the Big Island while watching this soundscape video. In the winter of 2021, our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak shot a series of videos from various locations on the island of Hawaii, and one of them is already on your Ultra HD screens! Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and solitude of eternal summer. Imagine being on the beach at Keiki Ponds while living in one of these cute bungalows. You are surrounded by the constant white noise of the ocean. The clear blue salt water gently flows around the scattered rocks and seems to wash away all worries and stress. Relax on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the incredible beauty and tranquility of the tropics, without leaving your home! Turn your 4K UHD screen into a beautiful virtual window overlooking The Kona Keiki Ponds!

Video from: The #KonaKeikiPonds, Big Island, #Hawaii, USA
Video title: KEIKI PONDS Big Island, Hawaii
Time of filming: January of 2021
Equipment used: Canon 5d Mark 4
Video type: Nature soundscape video
Video resolution:4K UHD
Producer and cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Editor and colorist: Vladislav Bevza
Supervising editor: Mykhailo Feshchak
Location scout: Svitlana baranova

The Kona Keiki Ponds are a great place to relax with children. Beautiful hidden ponds with a picturesque beach are great if the beaches of Western Hawaii are closed due to heavy surf. Children love to swim here with their toys and there is plenty to do. There are no waves, relatively shallow water, and a calm atmosphere, especially for a cozy relaxing holiday on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Get rid of stress and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of summer relaxation while watching this amazing landscape video. Have a slice of the Hawaiian island at your fingertips in stunning 4K UHD quality. This video is perfect as a screensaver or background while relaxing, working, studying or relaxing practices. Just let the sound of the ocean and the beauty of the lagoon take you from the hustle and bustle of the city to a heavenly place where there is no place for worries, stress and nervousness. Relax by the water, sleep soundly under the whisper of the waves and create under the influence of inspiration with us!

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