8 HRS Gentle Forest Birds Chirping & River Sounds to Relax and Rest – One Day in a Mystic Forest 4K

8 HRS Gentle Forest Birds Chirping & River Sounds to Relax and Rest - One Day in a Mystic Forest 4K

When you miss the relaxing vibe of nature, play this amazing nature soundscape video. The atmosphere that reigns in the forest of Redwood National Park in California is perfectly conveyed in this wonderful video. The sounds of the forest are ideal as a background for anti-stress therapy, work, study, or sleep. Our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak made this video while traveling to this park when he ended up in this very place! Having found such a delightful picture, he decided to stay here and take long shots so that this forest soundscape video would help all viewers to feel this beauty, too. Just look at these majestic trees with moss-covered trunks and branches. The high humidity provides ideal conditions for springy moss and it grows here on all possible surfaces. The green color surrounding this place makes the color of the water in the river as emerald as the moss and leaves of the Sequoia. The deafening white noise created by the birds, the river, and other sounds of the forest will be the perfect soundtrack for every part of your day, from work to leisure! Spend a day with our filmmaker in a stunning mystical forest in 4K Ultra HD!

Video from: #RedwoodNationalPark, California state, USA
Video title: One day In A Mystic Forest
Time of filming: Winter 2018
Equipment used: Sony A7SII
Video type: Nature #soundscape video
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak
Editor and colorist: Mykola Konopko
Supervisinf editor: Mykhailo Feshchak

Redwood National Park in California is famous for its ancient giant trees. Sequoias here are not just trees. They are the things of admiration for many tourists. Amazing giants live for more than several thousand years, and reach a height of about 300 feet, and a diameter of up to 16 feet! Imagine that it would take 10-15 people to hug one tree, and to see its top – you would need to buy a cable car ticket!

Use this stunning nature soundscape video to be brought to the beautiful Redwood National Park and immerse yourself in its peaceful atmosphere. Listen to the delightful sounds of nature that will make your body relax and be filled with harmony. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance after work or fall into a great sleep while the charming tones and sounds of nature in the background provide you with peace and tranquility.

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