8 HRS Calming Winter Ambience of a Snowy Forest River – Nature Soundscape Video (4K UHD)

8 HRS Calming Winter Ambience of a Snowy Forest River - Nature Soundscape Video (4K UHD)

Feel relaxed and peaceful staying in a secluded place next to a snowy forest river. Margaret Falls, which gives rise to this crystal clear cold stream, is one of the magnificent waterfalls in British Columbia. The beautiful forest river in this 4K UHD soundscape video sings a sweet song of relaxation. Its soft, gentle gurgling mingles with the chirping of birds to create a soothing melody. The song of the river is a balm for the soul, soothing worries and stresses. This relaxing white noise echoes off the trees, snow and rocks, creating a symphony of sounds. Its soothing rhythm is able to lull a person, bringing him to a peaceful state. Slow down and appreciate the moment! Unite your mind with nature and let the sounds of the river and winter Canadian forest heal your tense nerves.

Margaret Falls is a two-stepped waterfall dropping about 90 feet at the head of a narrow, located in British Columbia’s Herald Provincial Park, nestled on the shores of beautiful Shuswap Lake. A picturesque and easy trail with a length of 1 mile meanders through a very beautiful canyon, overgrown with an old rainforest. The high humidity here is due to stormy waterfalls, one of which is Margaret Falls! There are nice wooden bridges on the trail, passing through which tourists can enjoy incredible views of the rocks, the canyon, the river, fallen tree trunks covered with moss, and, of course, the waterfall itself. Due to the popularity of Margaret Falls and Reinecker Creek Canyon, the flora and foliage were largely trampled along the stream, and the soil was so heavily compacted that many of the trees standing in the canyon fell onto the canyon walls.

Well, you, using your TV screen and this nature soundscape video in 4K Ultra HD resolution, can enjoy the beautiful winter forest, the clear and relaxing sounds of the river, and the frosty perfection of Canadian nature. Our filmmaker Agnius Narkevicius spent a whole year living and traveling around British Columbia in his Van in search of the most beautiful natural locations. Interesting geology, beautiful terrain, and a fairly easy path to Margaret Falls attracted Agnius and he created this 4K nature soundscape video. The goal is simple – to give you the opportunity to see the beauty of Canadian nature with your own eyes, surround yourself with the perfect relaxing soundscape, and make you feel your best!

Video from: #MargaretFallsArea, British Columbia, Canada
Video title: Snowy Forest River Margareth Falls Area, Canada
Time of filming: #Winter 2020
Equipment: Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K
Video type: Nature soundscape video
Video resolution: 4K UHD resolution
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Agnius Narkevicius
Editor and colorist: Volodymyr Kosar
Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov

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