8 HOURS Gentle Tropical Birds Chirping & Soothing Ocean Waves Sounds just before the Sunset

8 HOURS Gentle Tropical Birds Chirping & Soothing Ocean Waves Sounds just before the Sunset

The evening ocean is a separate art form! Illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun, the vast and unbeatable ocean in 4K UHD will turn your boring gray HD screen into a stunning window to nature! The secluded Big Island beach in Hawaii looks even more stunning and relaxing in the colors of the evening than even in daylight. Picturesque palms, roiling waves, white foam, sharp rock tops and the famous black sand shown in this 4K soundscape video will be a great backdrop for the maintenance of your mental health. And if you look closely, you can see a piece of the rainbow through the fluffy clouds! Our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak discovered this beautiful location during his trip to Hawaii in the winter of 2019 and couldn’t resist creating a series of beautiful high quality relaxation videos.

The goal of creating this kind of content is very clear. Filled with pure sounds of nature and beautiful pictures, such videos help with stress relief, provide restful sleep and reduce tension in the brain and muscles. The sounds of water, especially the ocean ones, make the perfect white noise. It is able to calm, immerse in a state of bliss, normalize the heart rhythm and regularize blood pressure. But more importantly, this video filmed by Roman on the beach of the Big Island can help those who, for some reason, cannot see this beauty with their own eyes. Whether you’re busy at work or live too far away to go to Hawaii right now, it doesn’t matter! Turn on this 4K nature relaxation video, let your imagination run wild and find yourself on a deserted black sand beach, under the canopy of palm trees and next to the raging Pacific Ocean!

The Big Island or the Island of Hawaii is one of the most popular tourism destinations of the archipelago. The rich nature of the island includes dense jungles, high mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes. Sandy beaches amaze with their beauty, and the delightful Pacific Ocean fascinates! Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just want to lie on the hot sand with your feet in the warm salt water, it doesn’t matter! Big Island is the perfect place to come back again and again!

Video from: Big Island, Hawaii, USA
Video title: #Evening #Ocean
Time of filming: Winter of 2019
Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Video type: Nature soundscape video
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak
Editor, colorist and sound designer: Liubomyr Lenyshyn
Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov

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